Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Click on my badge at the right side for my new facebook account. I'm going to deactivate my previous account on 22nd. Don't ask me why, just read my info.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saeta Equina

I'm a damn magic woman, my confidence in me.
As long as I believe that, the others will agree.

Salut, it's 2.03 a.m. and I'm here decubitis with my sleepy cat. I've been busy as usual. I went jungle trekking with my friends, SKAL, NNI, NS, FS and AS. There's nothing much happened though. Except on last Wednesday, I woke up with my parents and others speak out about something.
"What happened?" I asked.
"This(holding a red shirt) was found wrapped around the cctv which is pointing towards your room." my mum said.
"Ehh? That's not cool" I said, with a terrified face.
Because sometimes I let my windows open hehe. I won't do that again for sure. Anyway did I tell you about my hair? I used to be an autotonsorialist and one day my dad was like 'Anne, do your hair like that girl on the Tv *pointing at Scha. I was like, okay since I was also bored with my hair. So I went to Ratu and I asked them to cut my hair but not too short. At the same time I did eyelash perming and when it's done, vuala! My hair is shorter than shoulder length. And I hate it. I guess I have to go now xx


I'm in love with this picture. This is at the Grand Teton National Park. Beautiful picture em? Ca me plait so much! So stunning. I love the night sky, the moon and stars. I'm a quidnunc to be honest. Not towards people but outer space. 'Cause you can just look at the sky and forget about your problems, the stars flash in red and blue, trying to imagine how far away they are. It's one of those thing people don't appreciate very often. Sometimes I wish I live on an island away from large cities, where I can hide my eccedentesiast.