Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saeta Equina

I'm a damn magic woman, my confidence in me.
As long as I believe that, the others will agree.

Salut, it's 2.03 a.m. and I'm here decubitis with my sleepy cat. I've been busy as usual. I went jungle trekking with my friends, SKAL, NNI, NS, FS and AS. There's nothing much happened though. Except on last Wednesday, I woke up with my parents and others speak out about something.
"What happened?" I asked.
"This(holding a red shirt) was found wrapped around the cctv which is pointing towards your room." my mum said.
"Ehh? That's not cool" I said, with a terrified face.
Because sometimes I let my windows open hehe. I won't do that again for sure. Anyway did I tell you about my hair? I used to be an autotonsorialist and one day my dad was like 'Anne, do your hair like that girl on the Tv *pointing at Scha. I was like, okay since I was also bored with my hair. So I went to Ratu and I asked them to cut my hair but not too short. At the same time I did eyelash perming and when it's done, vuala! My hair is shorter than shoulder length. And I hate it. I guess I have to go now xx

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