Monday, January 12, 2015


Good night to my fellow sick readers. The reason why I am writing at this hour is to tell you that I am safe and alive. Let's just forget about what happened to me previously. Thank you to those who texted asking whether I was there and wanted to talk. I didn't reply any, deepest apology from me but I remember each of you. I do not have a phone right now because it's broke(dad said I would destroy everything thats on my reach;which is quite true), I am currently using my old iPod which has limited space with only wechat inside. My brother left his laptop unattended so I wouldn't miss the opportunity to visit my networks. So I am so very very very sorry to a certain friend of mine who thinks I have a rotten soul. I do extremely agree but let's have a different point of views alright? I won't judge yours so let me be. 

I am no longer in school, I graduated;yay. I am now home with the relatives telling me how skinny I am and mom is hiding whatever pills or The first thing that I did wasn't greeting my family, but greeting the weighing scale. Let's just say I don't have anorexia since I haven't went through diagnosis yet but I met all the criteria. But I do feel like Ana is always around. She asked me to stopped eating, she asked me to be aware of the calories, it's her fault. F you Ana.

How can someone drown for so long and stay alive?

I am no longer a teen. My peripheral personality is still somewhere stucked in a land of cactus at an undiscovered desert and does not want to let the conclusion out. I am sad to admit that I am a confused prick who tries to swim a different stream. As for my future planning, dad asked me to stay home and eat a lot for now. I want to work but it has to be working with animals(although I graduated with something else). Is it okay if I work at the zoo? Can I survive? God knows how I love animals. I was thinking of opening an organization for the strays but I want more, I need to be in the wildlife. I need to face the wild animals;thats my dream. And I love kids but I get bored easily of doing the same thing everyday, maybe teaching the refugees once in a week is okay. Oh my god I am useless. 

The night is painful. I will try to blog as often as you farted.

Here's a swimming frog, goodnight.

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