Monday, March 5, 2012


August 16th 2000
I was watching The Fox and The Hound when suddenly I heard a scream. My twin brothers rushed to the kitchen. I followed. From the minute I walked in the kitchen door, I felt a strange sensation in my stomach. Red blood was everywhere. My mom's giving birth.
"Call your dad! Call your dad now!"
My brother did all the things she said. I can't help but to be in shock. I was six at that time okay? Duhh. I ran to the hills infront of my house. I stood there, crying. My heart pounded so badly I swear that was the only sound I could hear at that moment. I saw a car entering my house, it was my dad. I looked away. I didn't want to see my mum suffer. Then I heard the car drove off at high speed. Everything was silent. I looked at the beach. . I closed my eyes, in my tiny heart I kept saying ''everything's gonna be okay''. My wish gone with the wind. I inhaled, exhaled. The smell of ocean entered my nose. I walked back to my house.

...After a few hours of waiting, impatiently...

"Hello, are you guys okay?"
"Hey yes yes we're all fine"
"Get ready. I'll be there in 15 minutes. We're going to the hospital"
"Okay bye"

I looked at my mum, she smiled. She was holding some'thing' tiny. A tiny reddish baby. It was a boy. Another boy seriously mum? I looked at him. I smiled, saying to myself,
"Hey Fliky, we're going to have an epic adventure"

We used to be so closed. I carried him around, fed him his bottles and else. We can't be separated. He got sick when I'm not around. He's the one who put the smile on my face. Although I was always annoyed, I don't care 'cause he's just wonderful. We play together all the time. Used to.. used to.. Everything's changed, my little brother is growing up. It's really disorienting. My little brother is becoming brainy and tall. There's no more sisterly love like I used to. A little, maybe. Because he's with his secrets, his phone has a lock code, we spent our day doing our own things. How timely, actually.

Hey silly, if you read this, maybe someday, I want you to know that I hate you, nahh I love you. We've been through ups and downs but we always get back together again. I miss our old times. I'm sorry that sometimes I yelled at you, trust me whenever I did something like that, I felt very guilty. You will always be my little buddy. Always.

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