Thursday, March 29, 2012


I need more sleep ;( My mother woke me up this morning like 'Anne wake up! They are here to service your aircond'. I stood up, lazily, walking to the master bedroom then kaching, there's no window. Everything outside was so crystal clear. I walked passed through the main living room, no windows, no doors. I entered the family room, no windows namnit what happened? I went upstairs but every single room smells like paint. And that's when I realized the sound of truck engines, people walking on our roof, bouncing metal etc. So damn annoying. I have nowhere else to go hesh they are remaking everything right now ahh. Oh and just now, I heard a loud BOOM coming from the outside. Then the workers were screaming and shouting. I rushed to the kitchen door and I saw a young man on the ground, with bloods everywhere. Lots and lots and lots of em. They told me that he fell off the roof and something about the 'zinc'. I was so nervous that I went inside hihi.

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