Sunday, July 13, 2014

I was clean, for almost a month. Silly me for thinking I was better. No. I had my breakdown again. But no worries though, I'm still this happy girl infront of everyone. Life was okay, normal, which I'm sure it is way normal-er(dict that) than your life. A different kind of normal. Where there's no lights. I've been updating my Fasting Diary, which went quite well, I might post em up someday. I deactivated my Twitter because. Just because. I want to write back. I need to. This is where none of you will judge me, and I'm happy. I don't expect visitor here. You don't need to follow up anyway. Because this is just me expressing myself. Where it's full of negativity, somewhere where you should avoid. Again, I don't need judgepigmental fucktard here please. I had enough.

My face I speak not about, my love
for myself I do, I'm more beautiful than 
any object, moving, still, never more
beautiful than people, I'm equal

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