Sunday, July 13, 2014

She used to be an athlete,
She sleeps all day now.
She used to eat everything, I mean it. Everything,
She is counting calories now.
She had passion about being an astronaut,
She believes she has not future now.
She greeted everyone with a smile,
She prefers to walk alone now.
She was a leader of the relatives,
She is awkward around them now.
She had no problem about going out,
She is spending most of her time in her room now.
She was confident about herself,
She knows she will never be anyones choice now.
She was happy being around families,
She knows she is the burden now.
She collected perfumes,
She is collecting pieces of her now.
She smiled a lot back then,
She is fake now.
She loved horror,
She is the horror now.

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