Sunday, February 19, 2012


Nothing comes to mind as I lay here typing away endlessly thinking about appropriate text to follow. It's so quite inside this house, I can echo through the walls -__-" My family don't speak much and we eat alone at different times. We're not trying to avoid each other, um coincidence maybe? But I still love them, always and forever.

Your best friend is happy, of course she is, she has her new boyfriend who loves her.
Your mum chilling around with her friend, leaving you all alone at home when you needed her the most.
Your brother just got home, after partying with his friends, with a big smile on his face-at least he's happy.
And then you looked at yourself in the mirror, and was like 'what's the point?' You've tried so hard to get through to people, but then you think. Who. Who the hell is going to make you happy?

Conclusion is, that's life. Dont obsess over problems no matter how big or small. Or you may forget who you are which is the scariest of all things. You just got to push through it and have a smile on your face.