Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little something

A dark morning somewhere in Malaysia, she was accompanied by her parents, entering a room crowded with toddlers and hopeful parents. She sat on the chair which her mother told her too. She looked at her surroundings and the girl next to her whispered 'what's your name? I'm Rina', she answered 'Anne'. Ever since then, they had become nearly inseparable. They walked to school together, shared so many memories for only a year. She moved to another 'prison' nearer to her house. She studied there for about 6 months. One day while the teacher was explaining something on the blackboard, her mother came in & said 'Pack your books and belongings honey' 'Okay' she answered. On their way home, she was told that they were going to move to another place.

On a Monday afternoon in 2005, she sat at the balcony, watching other kids playing trampoline. She wanted to swim with her little brother, unfortunately it was winter. Her father came to her,he brought her to Lake Rotorua where she and her little brother running around crazily to scare birds away. She sat on a bench a while later, watching her little brother, sometimes smiling by herself, thinking why does she have two twin brothers who doesn't even care about her. She wants a sister. Her father shouted from the car 'Anne, get in, we're going back' She fell asleep with her dreams in the car.

Blue Mountain 2007, it was winter. She sat in the car, kids are walking passed her left window, throwing snow at each other. She was eating pie. Nobody knows whats on her mind. She opened her windows and stared up into heavens. The clouds were moving lazily. Her hand reached out the window to set her hand on the snow. She feels uncomfortable, cold. She put on her sweater and scarf. 'What are you waiting for?' her mom asked. She smiled and get off the car. She helps her mom to put on gloves to her little brother's tiny hands. She felt something hits her right shoulder. She turned around. Her father was like 'snow fight?', 'bring it on' she said silently. For once in a lifetime, she felt true happiness in her life.

January 2010, her father asked her 'Your life is my life, so tell me your decision','Mmmmm'. For the gabazillion times, she moved to another school. Her first kinder when she was four, for a year. Moved to another kinder nearer to her house, for six months. Another city, another kinder for a year. She started her elementary school at the same city for 2 years. On 2003, she moved back to her hometown. Went to another school for 3 years. When she was 13, she went to this school(Im not telling) for a day, yeah a day because she hated the surroundings. Moved to another school, again for six months. Received a letter from a cluster school, and again she moved. She studied there for about two years and moved once again and graduate. She met a lot of friend, learned and experienced a lot.

February 2012 in the afternoon, she sat alone in her room, stared into the rising sun. She thought of life, it's black and white. The whole world was in a swirl, and there she could finally witness the dance of life. And at the end, was her truth revealing itself. She smiled.

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