Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This is now a trash. I've been lingering around Malaysia. Alone. That had me coughing for weeks and really toned my energy levels. I met my little brother. I spent almost 2 weeks with him, he's taller than me now :') It was really hard to pretend in front of him. Pretend that everything's gonna be okay. For him, I tried so hard to be as close to perfect. I want him to be happy, without thinking about anything that would distract him. When will I meet you again?
And, Happy New Year! 2012, I learned a lot. I succeed, I failed. To see people happy. To see people sad. Too see people excited. Too see people really feeling and showing love. It makes me who I am. Made. But I was too kind back then. Was I?
"Have I ever been angry?" I asked myself. The only thing that would come out from my mouth if there's anything is "No, it's totally fine!" "Don't worry, I completely understand!" "I'm always gonna be here if you need anything"
I realized that. My strongest yet actually the weakest point of me is that I would never get mad. I would automatically act nice, without actually realizing I'm doing it. Well I hope starting from today, God will show me the actual way to show love for His people. And now Im back in my apartment, with myself. Relaxing.

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