Thursday, January 3, 2013


D: you know sometimes i still think of ways to win you back, bcs i'd always kinda hoped that maybe, we'd, you know.. get back together and that.. but you know, but when I heard that you're with.. you know..
D: i know, i know, i know it's the height of hypocrisy and i know-doing this isn;t gonna change anything.. or-or make anything better..but um..
D: i'd.. i'd settle you for respect.
(tempo decreased,lower volume)
D: you know.. i'd settle you for smiling..when you thought about the time we had together and not thinkin' it was a waste of time..
D: you know, i mean, i know i didn't do you any favours that day kay? i did a stupid, stupid, stupid thing.
D: but it was only because i thought that spoiling your day was better than ruining your life.. does that make any sense?
D: i'm such an idiot.

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